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 Shadow priest (Daalton)

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PostSubject: Shadow priest (Daalton)   Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:33 pm

* Age: 24

* From: Iran

* Char Name: daalton

* Race:undead

* Class:priest

* Level:70

* Spec:shadow

* Explain here your char template (spec) - standard raid spec shadow 14/47 & I have 1320 spel damage ,

* Equipment:
Armory is down but :
you can see my gear with inspect in game that you can see what I have in real game .
I have few badge item that are good for me and I'm crafting shadowresist set .

* Which are your char professions ? I have maxed tailoring 375/375 and Alchemy (potion master) too.

* Daily Playtime: 15:00 - 22:30 & maybe few more .

* Can you use ventrilo for raid communication ? I can listen, but due to physical disability cannot talk .

* Experience :
SSC (full) - TK (full) - MH (full) - and 4/9 BT done , but have exp for 9/9

* Tell a bit about yourself: Hey , my name Alireza - I am a male student from the iran . I love game . I was in End game ( leave there coz not actived ) - death knights (disband) SoS (disband) we were farm mh and 4/9 bt in SoS .

* Why you want to be part of Mental Warfare ?: I have followed your progress with eyes wide at the speed you guys killed stuff - and I would like to see all the game & I wanna be more powerfull I would really like to increase the pace a little with my raiding life.

* Do you know someone in the guild who can support your app ?: reyku

* Have you read and you agree with the guild rules ? I have

* Do you have a stable internet connection? Yes

- What kind of guild do you think is Mental Warfare : Progressive serious raiding guild.

- Why are you applying to join Mental Warfare and what do you expect to gain by joining: I expect to be able to participate in raids and to see bosses killed whilst killing them still means something. I am applying here as I have seen the speed you kill bosses, and few speak highly of you.

- What do you feel you can offer Mental Warfare that will make you stand out: I have 12 holy gear , kara + craft + badge , so can help out healing if needed. I am mature patient and almost always online. I also have a deep understanding of my class as shadow and have tweaked my gear to have 1315+ shadow damage UNbuffed as well. This is supposed to be the ideal ratio according to the theorynerds on shadowpriest site.

- Any Other Info what is of use: As I mentioned earlier, although I can use vent I am unable to talk due to a throat disabilty - I can however touch type so communication isnt a problem.

Good luck & be happy Sir/Madam
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow priest (Daalton)   Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:45 pm

To Low spell hit and crit change !!! Make some upgrade to your gear and come back ! No
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow priest (Daalton)   Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:25 am

Hi mate u have 1320 spell dmg and thats great , i dont know what viby saw but hit rating its enough atm ( maybe try to get the scryeers blood gem ) , if u can get 11% crit will be great , until that , we will give u a trial.

Good application , good experience and u seem a guy who work hard for his gear , contact viby in game for a trial and replace the green gem on the head.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow priest (Daalton)   

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Shadow priest (Daalton)
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