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 Rogue Apply.

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PostSubject: Rogue Apply.   Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:58 pm

* Character Name: Exsist

* Class, Specc & Race: Undead rogue. Will try to get some swords pretty asap. And then my spec will be 20/41/0. Els i use a spec 15/41/5 dagger spec. but i will do what i can to get some swords or maybe fist.

* Previous guild(s) , why did u left : I have been in 1 guild called duality. Ehm didnt rly know what i was doing in there it was just so i had a guild xD

* IRL name: Martin madsen

* Location (& time zone): Denmark

* Age: 18 years

* Armory link :
Not sure if its pvp or pve gear i have on. But i told buffun if you still doing ssc and tk i might can join those raids and get gear.

* Proffesions/rare recipes : skinning and herb. Gonna take something els dunno why i have it :S

* Give us a general description of yourself: I'm a happy boy, going in school play pretty much wow and always prepariad for raid and i cna raid almost everyday. I live with my mom and little brow. if you wanna know more just ask ^^

*We raid from 18:30 to 23:00 , when you can't raid you must post on the forum or u will get a gkick , is this a problem for you ? : No not at all. Ehm, if i like cant make it and i know it the day before can i just tell you in-game ? or will that makes some kind of confusing thingy ? anyway its np ! Smile

*We expect our guild members to be familiar with forums , and regulary visit the guild forum. Is this something you're used to?: Ya. i allways use the forum for see if there is any news and etC etC.

* What do you expect from us as a guild?: having a good time with you guys, thats the most importent for me, Having a good time when i raid. And ofc making progress. ^^

*How would you rate your English on a scale from 1 to 10?: ehm. my speeling is like 5 i think. when i talk i would say 7-8 i think. not from usa or england xD Just from little denmark.

*What do u think u can offer to us most?: A good raid exp member. A member who is ready for raid almost everyday. Normaly i can raid everyday. but sometimes there is things i have to do.

* Post a screenshot of your UI in a raid situation: Ehm i only have 1 with my shaman ? will that work ? If so i will post it .

* Have you read and you agree with the guild rules : Great and easy rules, so ya np. I AGREE ^^

* Any other things you want to say: Ya well, I told buffun that since you guys have downd 2 bosses in mh you might still doing ssc and tk right ? well. With my old shaman i have cleared whole mh and 5/9 in bt. so i told him if i could i would only join raids for ssc and tk so i could get geared up and when i have the gar join the mh / bt raids. And ofc i'm farming badges so i can get the new badges rewards. I'm doing what i can to farm so many badges a day i can.
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Rogue Apply.
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