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 Lillabjörn - Destro Lock

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PostSubject: Lillabjörn - Destro Lock   Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:19 pm

Hi, my name is Raman(Lillabjörn in game) and Im 17 years old. I live in Sweden(Same as server time).
I play a undead shadow destro lock (0/21/40) with currently 171 hit, ~16 % crit and 1152 shadow spelldmg(with fel armor).
My proffessions are Tailoring and Skinning(LOL), dont ask about skinning. I have played for No mercy but i left becausse they suck...

My armory link:

As a person im happy Smile I would say that im a fast learner and im not a n00b.
Raid time and forums are ok for me Smile I hate ppl who sign and then dont show up.
Ive read rules etc. I expect that u will act proffessional when it comes to raid times and I hope that u will learn pll tactics and just dont tell then to read on net. Sure watchign a film is good in combination that u tell tacts in ventrilo.
I have only killed lurker but i know alittle about void and hydros. But it wont be any problem to learn tactics that i can promise you. I use DBM and Omen, if i need anything else just tell me.

I think thats it. To summ in il say im a happy fast learning player that likes when ppl show up for raid and just want to learn new bosses etc Smile
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Lillabjörn - Destro Lock
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